Examples of Bad Parenting

bad parentingBad parenting has several signs. And though we parents think that we are raising our kids in a good way, there are things that we do that make our parenting a not-so-good one. Besides, all we ever wanted was to do things that will make our kids grow up to be good people. So why we would think that some of the things that we’re doing are bad for our growing children? But as parents, we should keep in mind that we are only human beings and we do mistakes that might affect our family. But that doesn’t mean that we are just going to let them pass. We should find out the things that make our parenting bad so that we can correct them before they establish a bad characteristic to our beloved children.

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So here are some bad parenting signs that will help us parents be aware of the things that we do that greatly affect our parenting in a negative way.

Saying bad words – of course all parents know that saying bad words, especially in front of children, is really bad because they could pick up those words. But there are instances that you’re not aware that your children could hear you so you don’t mind mouthing foul words which is not a good idea even if your kids are really out of earshot. Being used to saying bad words is still bad because there might be surprising circumstances that may provoke you into saying them that you don’t want your children to hear.

Calling people names – name calling is another bad parenting sign. Children who hear their parents call people names might think that it is okay to do that. They may also think that calling people names is not harmful to other people’s feelings and they might get used in doing the same thing.

Calling your own child names – this is also a bad parenting characteristic. Although this may sound harmless at first, this makes them feel bad about themselves and they might lose their self-esteem and self confidence. So never call you kid names like:

  • Naughty or nasty
  • Liar
  • Idiot or slow minded
  • Mean
  • Selfish
  • Messy
  • Weakling
  • Failure
  • Traitor

Forcing Choices – forcing choices on children is a bad parenting sign because although you only want what’s best for your child, you’re taking away the rights of your kid on making their own decisions. In the end, your child might think that they are not capable of making their own decisions so they end up being overly dependent on you.

Being too busy – this, too, is a bad parenting sign. Although it is normal for parents to be busy because of work, they should make sure that they are lending time for their children. Parents are the most important factors in a child’s development so not having enough time for them is like neglecting them which intervenes with their proper development either emotionally or mentally.

Bad Parenting is Bad

You don’t have to beat yourself just to get rid of these bad parenting characteristic in your parenting. Though you want to be a perfect parent, you should cut yourself some slack and give yourself time for gradual changes so you can also enjoy your parenthood. And that will lead you to the right path of raising your kids.

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